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The Power of Fun


I am a child of Depression Era parents.  A “strong work ethic” was modeled, respected and reinforced.  My mother hit the floor moving and went pretty much non-stop until 6:30 when it was cocktail hour.  Then busy again until time for bed.  The word fun was rarely in her vocabulary.  We never went anywhere just for the fun of it.  Playtime was reserved for after all the dreaded chores were done.

I have literally had to do some serious “work” to get the point where I could allow myself to have fun.  How ironic is that?

Now…Katie bar the door!

For the last 6 months I look for the fun in almost everything I do.  I had to learn how to make this happen.  My greatest teachers have been my grandchildren and my dogs.  Kids instinctively know how to make anything they do fun.  Play is their work!  What a concept.

My dogs have taught me how to stay alert on our morning walks.  They never miss a scent.  Now, I never miss the beauty that is available to me just by taking notice…how the morning sun greets the sky; the music the birds bring to their a.m. activities; the smells that emanate from the earth and air.  I sometimes make rhythmic music in time to the sounds the dogs nails make as they clip-clop along.

I recently wrote a post about how staying in the now is a powerful way to relieve stress.  Today I share with you that playfulness is a perfect way to stay in the now.

Please feel fee to add to this list of ways to bring play to your day in the comments below:

  1. Paint pictures in the nap of the carpet with the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Play 30 minutes of your favorite dance music and dance your way into a great aerobic work out.
  3. See how many elderly people you can make smile in the grocery store.
  4. While folding clothes, see how high you can stack the piles before they fall over.  So what if you might have to re-fold a couple of items??
  5. Play “I Spy” with the kids while taking them to school.
  6. Laugh out loud at the thought that is trying to take you out of play mode.
  7. Use the soap you’re using to wash anything like finger paint.
  8. When you feeling self conscious about having fun, say to your ego what you always wanted to say to your parents when they wanted you to stop having fun.  Or give your ego your funny face (hint: sticking the tongue out at the ego FUN!”
  9. Hum a tune while brushing your teeth.
  10. Don’t walk by a mirror without blowing your self a kiss and giving a quick wink.

Go ahead!  I double-dog dare you to have fun.  You might just find that physical pain dissipates, your moods stabilize, you sleep longer and deeper, and your relationships take on a whole new dimension – especially the relationship with yourself.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to share!!

  1. Kamila


    I say that I am ‘play challenged’ bc I, too, had a very serious mom and way too many chores.
    I am getting better though. I’m great at smelling the roses, being present, enjoying life, etc and am getting better at being playful.

    I love the way that the WPs are supporting play and a fun life!


    • admin

      Hi Kamila!

      Thank you so much for comments. It’s validating to know others have struggled with the idea of play being a good thing. I have found Wisdompreneurs to be a huge support in maintaining this new way of being in the world.

      With much love, fun and playfulness!

  2. Becky

    Amen, Seester,

    Not sure my last post took so here it is again.

    As my button says, fun is my spiritual practice.

    Loved the picture and all of your blogs and you.

    Yr seester

    • admin

      Hi Becky!

      You could be the poster child for how living a life of fun promotes health and well-being! You have been my greatest role model. Thanks for being the bestest, funnest, big sister in the world!

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    • admin

      I am pleased you enjoyed it! I agree that having an awareness of bringing fun and joy into daily life is key to the experience.

  4. Sitka

    yup. dancing, singing, music & laughter is the best medicine. period. <3

  5. Linda Smith
    Linda Smith05-02-2014

    I am focusing on bringing more FUN into my life and what I have learned is that FUN at this stage of my life (the Third Chapter) is about Self Care. Here are some things that are FUN for me: being more in the NOW, consciously being with nature, walking on my treadmill, taking the early morning hours to practice Gratitude, a nice hot shower using a good soap, powder, and perfume!, reading the Miss Julia series (they will make you laugh), eating a good meal, knowing I have time to spend with my husband, driving my new car, having clean white sheets on my bed, wearing cotton clothes, carrying a purse that meets my needs however, it is light to carry, feeling hope, faith, and courage, regularly getting pedicures and manicures, and annually or so going on retreat, journaling my dreams, being a lifelong learner with my newest pursuit being SoulCollage, and spending time with family and my best friend, Mary.

    • admin

      You are bringing a huge smile to my face, Linda! Self-care is all about having fun and finding gratitude for simple things like good soap! What a concept! Thank you for your inspirational comments and continue having a life full of fun and gratefulness!! 🙂

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