You are wanting and are deserving of an abundance of vitality and well-being.

Yet, having a body and spirit that are collaborating together to support you in creating a vibrant and satisfying life may feel out of your reach right now.

The road to health and happiness doesn’t have to be long and lonely. You may feel a bit lost at the moment. Having a guide to help you navigate through the obstacles and clear the energetic pathways that will lead you to your desired destination can be vital to a successful journey.

Since 2002, I have helped hundreds of people move through their pain and illness and have since created joyful lives and healthy bodies. It would be my honor to help you do the same.

½ Hour Body Code Sessions

If you are looking for affordable yet effective results, this is a great option for you. Click here for a full webinar that explains The Body Code System. Here are the benefits of this service:

  • A complete Body Code Assessment will be conducted, which provides a base line of the state of your current health.
  • This work can be done together over Skype or telephone, or I can conduct the session remotely while you go about your normal activities. If you choose this option, a detailed session report will be emailed to you.
    (Learn More about the science of working remotely.)
  • There is no reliving the past, so there is little to no emotional discomfort.

60 Minute Multi-Level Healing Sessions

For a more comprehensive healing experience, these personalized sessions focus not only the physical aspects to healing, but also the emotional, psychological and spiritual. This is an optimal choice for you if you are seeking to heal on all levels, and are on the path to personal peace and optimal well-being. Some of things you can look forward to are:

  • Clearing the energetic imbalances, misalignments, and disconnections that are blocking your natural healing process.
  • Developing a deep and loving relationship with your body and spirit.
  • Discovering the patterns of thinking and behaving that created the dis-ease in the first place and consciously replacing them with empowered belief systems that serve who you really are.
  • Consciously creating the life you are yearning to have.

90 Minute Multi-Level Healing Sessions

A lot can be accomplished in 1-½ hours. You can experience everything 60-minute sessions have to offer, but you can expect to notice results quite a bit sooner. It puts you on the faster-track to reaching your goals.

Three-Day Healing Intensive

If you are ready to put 3-days of intense focus on healing YOU, this experience will delight you! This personalized, face-to-face retreat provided on the West Coast of Central Florida will put you on the fast-track to health and vitality. The main purpose of this intensive is to begin creating harmony between your body, the spirit that lives within, and the mind that is often the culprit of the dis-harmony. It includes a pre-retreat planning session so we can customize this experience to meet your needs and desires. Some of the offerings for this retreat include:

  • Daily sessions with me doing deep healing work at all levels.
  • Massage therapy – with the intention of helping you understand the language of the body.
  • Yoga – with the intention to connect your body and spirit through movement and breath.
  • Meditation – with the intention of connecting with your inner-wisdom.
  • Connecting with nature – As Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
  • Body and soul enriching foods – With the intention of understanding the importance of eating healthy foods in a conscious manner.
  • Time and space to get reacquainted with you and discover what you really, really, really want to create from here.

If any of these services sound like they may be of benefit to you, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary conversation.