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Chances are you found your way here because you were looking for an alternative solution to help you feel better and someone suggested you check me out. Chances are you have tried a lot of different healing modalities, including traditional medicine, and you are skeptical at this point that anything is going to work.

You may be tired of being asked about the symptoms with no attention being made to what is rooting these symptoms.  You’re starting to realize that others don’t have all the answers and that the claims of quick fixes are neither quick nor a fix.

You are probably wondering, “What could she possibly have to offer that really works?” I very much appreciate this question.

The biggest difference in the way I work from most alternative health care practitioners is I don’t purely rely on a modality or technique to address the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I use some pretty powerful tools to assist in the healing process, but what I have come to realize is what affects one part of the mind-body-spirit trilogy, has an affect on the others. So I not only address the physical, I address the mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects also.

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