Disease & Pain

Acute Pain

You have a busy life — there’s too much on your plate to be sidelined by pain.  As much as you want to walk it off, your body isn’t allowing you to ignore it.  It’s just too intense.

It’s possible to get the pain level down quickly.  I have successfully brought intense levels of pain down for over 90% of my clients by correcting imbalances, misalignment and disconnections at the energetic level.  But this is really symptom management and where most health care practitioners stop.

Are you ready to begin healing at all levels – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually?  When you work with me we go beyond symptom management. You will learn the language of the body, and how to connect to your higher wisdom (the part of self that holds all the answers for you).  When you become open at this level, profound healing can start to take place.

If this is the depth of healing you are looking for, I invite you to…

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Chronic Pain or Disease

Being in chronic pain or having a chronic illness can be exhausting!  The word tired takes on a whole new meaning –

  • tired of not being able to live life on your own terms;
  • tired of being dependent on others;
  • tired of having hopes dashed once again when a new drug or treatment doesn’t work;
  • tired of feeling powerless, angry, frustrated, and alone;

You are here because you are also tired of giving your power to heal over to someone else.

You’re realizing that others don’t have all the answers for your pain or illness and you are open and ready to look for your own answers.  You just don’t know where to start.

You do have the answers as to why you’re sick or in pain. Your body has been trying to communicate to you all along, from the very fist symptom you experienced.  When it didn’t get your attention, it started to yell a bit louder.  Since you have never been taught how to listen to your body, you sought answers outside of you.

Are you ready to take back your power and get your life back?  Here’s how I can help you:

  • Teach you how to communicate with your body so you can discover what’s truly wrong.
  • Release energetic blocks that are stopping the natural healing process.
  • Assist you in building an intimate relationship with your higher self and gain access to your own internal wisdom.
  • Work through the old patterns and limiting beliefs that contributed to you getting out of balance in the first place.

If your gut is telling you this is the right path for you take, I welcome you to…

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