Client Comments

To my utter amazement I woke up this morning pain free for the first time in over 3 years!

I am baffled! Prior to last night, I was up every night around 2a.m. sitting for hours on the edge of my bed muffling the sounds of my trying to cope with the stabbing, relentless pain in my pillow.  I am just jumping up and down inside.  I just may have my life back!   How can I put a price on that? “

artist and musician, Sarasota, Florida 

“After only one visit with Forrest, I am amazed at the profound her work has made in my life. She allowed me to release severe and painful emotions that were associated with a past traumatic experience in my life. Now, when thinking of that specific memory, I no longer have the same overwhelming negative emotional response. Feelings of sadness, fear, and pain have been disconnected from this memory and I am now a happier, calmer, and freer individual.”

Registered Nurse, Tampa, Florida

“I had a torn meniscus successfully repaired and was discharged from physical therapy.  I found that I still had pain and swelling in my knee, tightness in my leg that had been there for over 2 years, and some mobility issues.  I was frustrated as the medical profession said I was fine but I knew I wasn’t.  Having worked with Forrest before, I contacted her as she has an amazing intuitive ability to see beyond symptoms.  It was an amazing journey to discover past events, my unresolved emotional issues totally unrelated, taking on other’s pain, and intergenerational patterns of pain that I was carrying all related to my physical symptoms.  At times, it was hard to grasp and fully believe they all played a part.

Over time, I found the swelling in my knee and tightness in my leg are gone, and I now exercise without fear of reinjuring my knee.  The fear and frustration are gone and replaced by a sense of personal strength and knowing that all can be healed and that my body has its own innate wisdom if I listen.  I had intuitive hunches to change my diet and began to feel even better.

The most amazing part is that my mother who has Alzheimer’s began to come out of her shell being more verbal, talking to people first, laughing, and smiling.  I know that the healing I did especially with her and the women in past generations has lifted a burden from her.  I feel a closer connection, a deeper understanding, forgiveness, and love for her.  Who would have thought all those blessings could happen with a knee and leg issue?  If you’re ready to take this journey into the unknown, simply know you have a wonderful guide who will help you to let go and clear old woundings to experience a brightness and lightness, free from all levels of pain.”

B.B., Largo, Florida

“I started working with Forrest when I learned the power that the subconscious mind holds.  It responds very differently than the conscious mind.  I needed someone skilled in the language that the subconscious understands.

Forrest has helped me release the trauma of child abuse.  I no longer hear the critical record playing in my mind.  The underlying anxiety and self-doubt are gone as well.  She is very intuitive and knows just the right questions to ask.  She is kind and loving so you feel you can open up to her and not be judged.

If a conflict exists between your conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious will always prevail.  I highly recommend Forrest to help you be free from negative emotions that might be holding you back from fulfilling your potential for success and happiness.”

C.M.  The Woodlands, TX

“When I first met Forrest she welcomed me into a world of possibilities where I was able to create the life that I wanted. For the first time in my life I was able to let go of the things that burdened me for so long. Since working with Forrest, my relationship with husband has drastically improved. We have never been so happy with each other. Something definitely shifted for both of us.  It has been such a relief. Forrest has a gift of connecting on a heart level and she facilitates clearing up energy blocks to prosperity very quickly. Working with Forrest has been amazing because I have watched my life transform within a few sessions to a state of peace, calm and serenity. I now feel confident to live fully and freely……. Thank you Forrest!!”

Karen Z., Analyst III EMR Projects

“I had met Forrest Samnik once before starting my sessions with her. At that first meeting I thought, “Here is a genuine, caring woman”; little did I know how true that was. I did a series of sessions with Forrest and each time I was impressed and grateful with how she was totally engaged with me and what I was dealing with; it as if she could truly understand what I was experiencing. The process she uses to help me uncover and expose the underlying truth, healed my soul. And, she taught me the EFT technique so I can help myself when other issue arise. I finished my scheduled sessions, but I will be back for periodic ‘tune-ups’.”

P.P.Nurse Educator

“Forrest is highly intuitive, insightful, and bright. She hears and understands the underlying emotions which inhibit her client’s success, both personally and professionally. Her phrases and metaphors are right on target!”


“My name is Priscilla, I am a 51 year old professional who had spent the past couple years redefining who I am and which direction I need to go and I was stuck.  That is how I felt, stuck! No matter how hard I tried to get to the next level I just could not get there.  I was sharing my dilemma with a friend, who suggested I see Forrest Samnik, as she was sure she could help.

I contacted Forrest, had a complimentary consult and knew right away I was in the right place.  I love the diversity of techniques she used to get me where I needed to go.  And GO I did!  From our very first session to the last, I experienced positive emotional shifts.  I am moving forward with a new sense of confidence and clarity.

I am excited to have Forrest as part of my personal health team!”

P.F., Safety Harbor, Florida

“Big cracks are starting to appear:  I’m deciding to accept (name withheld) for who she is rather than try to get her to be who I want her to be; I’m deciding to give up the hate for my dad; I’m deciding that I’m one hell of a guy.”

B.N., Retired

“So much of what I’ve wanted in my life is now coming to fruition and I know it’s in part because of the coaching and support I’ve received from you. I’m writing to thank you for that and let you know how you’ve made a difference. You helped me better define (and accept) what I most want from my life, see tangible steps I could take to move toward a new reality, and access the courage to take action. You also helped me to move through those times when my old patterns of thinking and acting could have become barriers. I find that I continually use the tools and “shifts in thinking” I got from you when I’m faced with new challenges. The changes that resulted from our coaching sessions really seem to have stuck! So thank you Forrest. Thank you very much.”