Pain & Disease


If you are living in pain or struggling with a chronic disease it can affect you on every level.  Not only does your body suffer, so can your relationships, your sense of safety in the world, and possibly your ability to earn an income, or even your will to live.  You have probably had to give up many of the activities that brought joy and meaning to your life leaving you feeling frustrated, angry and lost.  Here’s how I can help:

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Optimal Wellbeing


Most people have not achieved the level of health, well-being, and happiness you have. You are one of the few who have made a deep personal commitment to staying healthy, vibrant and continually stretch to get the most out of this thing called life.

You are here because you are have reached another plateau in your climb for self-actualization and are ready to do the deeper work so as to make your wildest dreams come true.

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Animal Health


If you are the caregiver of a beloved pet, you may have experienced a sense of powerlessness, frustration, anxiety, or even heartache when they are sick or in pain. And perhaps you feel these emotions all too often if you share space with an animal that suffers from anxiety, or aggression, or some other emotional or behavioral issue. It’s difficult to understand what exactly is going on, or how to respond effectively when an animal is in distress.

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“Our minds have a tendency to bend the truth, but our bodies never lie.”

Forrest Samnik